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Back for good?

Back in Sweden. Still not quite sure how to feel about it. It’s very nice to be back but I somehow miss Moscow.

The taxi ride to the airport last week was scary, the taxi driver started out by telling me that we should have left two hours earlier and that we would never make it on time… But he was amazing, did his russian driving in the mud next to the road and we arrived 50 min before our flight was supposed to leave (in the end we were of course 1 1/2h late…) and I didn’t even have to pay for my excess luggage. Everything somehow worked out for the best.

I’m trying to get used to being here now but it’s hard, the people working in shops and restaurants are smiling and friendly and there is hardly any people anywhere, and no cars. All very strange. But I like that it’s calmer and quieter.


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Bars and letters

I’m a little tired today. That happens when you stay out to late and dance in bars, I know I should have learnt that by now, but I’m just as surprised every time. The one we went to last night was interesting though. It started out just as any other bar/club but then around ten all ”normal” people seemed to fade away and there were only middleaged foreign men and young not very dressed russian girls left. Rather depressing, so I went home. Have seen that sort of thing before but I’ve never been in the middle of it like that. Somehow I’m glad I was so upset about it, I would be ashamed of myself if I didn’t care.

I got two letters today! Very exciting. It’s so much nicer getting real letters that someone took time to write and go to the mailbox with then just e-mails all the time. I curled up in my bed with a tea mug after class and read them, it made me miss people though.

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It’s now already December and I have less than two weeks left before I have to leave Moscow. It’s a little scary even though I look forward to Christmas and everything. Would like to know I have a job when I get back…

I’m working on the whole Christmas spirit thing but the lack of snow and temperatures below zero makes it a bit difficult. Though I can’t say I really want it to snow…

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