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It’s raining in Moscow

I don’t understand why it can’t be winter, or why they insist on playing ABBA’s ”Happy new year” at the Internet cafe.

I had my first experience of russian overnight trains this weekend. it was not very comfortable, but then I’ve never been on an overnight train that was, but it was very interesting. They checked our passports before me and my friends were let on the train. We even had to pay a ”fine” because there was something ”wrong” with one of our tickets (and we weren’t even all foreigners!). All very exciting. That never happens back home. I didn’t sleep to badly but I didn’t even dare go look at the toilets…

Well in St Petersburg we had a really nice time. The Hermitage was Amazing! But there was so much I didn’t see. Though I have to admit that I found the buildings almost as or more interesting than the art… We passed the evening drinking tea and playing russian card games and UNO which was a lot of fun. And the apartment was really cool! Almost more a library than a place to stay in. It was a little of a dream come true for me, I’ve always wanted a house full of bookcases with books. (Though this dream sort of clashes with the one about walking around in sweatpants and drinking cheap vodka… In the book dream I would rather wear a tweed skirt and drink tea.)
Second day in Petersburg we mostly looked at churches which was nice too. Some of them were just breathtaking – and full of American and Italian tourists… But I really didn’t like the ATM inside St Isaac’s Cathedral even though it’s more of a museum than a working church.

But I think what I most appreciated about the weekend was to get a way for a few days and really have a holiday.


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On thin ice

Yesterday I went ice skating. Yes, me, voluntarily. I haven’t skated since school when they used to make us do it. And, I actually had fun yesterday. I went with a few friends and I really enjoyed it. The outdoor skating at Gorky Park isn’t opened yet but they have indoor skating too. I was very proud of myself for not falling even though it wasn’t very good for my self esteem to see little seven year old girls do jumps and spins while I had problems figuring out how to stop…

Sometimes I wonder why people live in big cites like this one. I love that there is so much to see and do and I love watching the people in the metro or walking around. But, it all seems so stressful and impersonal. It’s very easy to be anonymous here and that is a little scary. There are so many people that no one ever takes any notice of.

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More movies

So, I can add two more things to the list of DVDs I’ve watched while I’ve been sick, The Black Dahlia and Shameless, the first series. After watching the first I wanted to make out with Josh Hartnett, the second one made me want to walk around in sweatpants, wear bad makeup, drink cheap vodka and start smoking. It’s amazing how TV can influence you!

But, this made me think. Obviously I’m not going to take up smoking. I have never even tried it so I’m not going to start now. And I really don’t like to drink bad vodka. So what do I want to do with my life? Very interesting question this. I’ve realised I have a lot of dreams about things I want to do but they all somehow seem to contradict each other. It’s nice to dream though…

Det hande en jattekul grej haromdagen nar jag var och fikade med en rysk kompis. Plotsligt sager hon nagot i stil med: ”Ah jag tankte fraga om du ville ha nat, en kompis till mig saljer…” Detta santidigt som hon ur vaskan tar upp en katalog fran, gissa – Oriflame! Holl pa att skratta ihjal mig och bestallde sedan en massa grejer som jag egentligen inte behover.

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Have been home sick in bed for the past four days. Really boring. Have slept, played Solitaire and watched movies. So far: Confetti, Brother Bear, Прогулка, Team America, Breakfast Club, Russian Ark, Trust the man, Pretty woman and the entire first season of The Office. (Living in dorms with mostly girls on the floor gives you a limited selection.) Main reason for getting well was that the next thing to watch would have been the the fifth season of 24. And I’m not that sick.

The play was really nice by the way. I only had time to read the first half before I went but I understood most of it anyway so I’m very proud of myself.

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Theater tickets

Back having breakfast at the Internet café – I go way too often.

I’ve bought tickets to go and see Тры Сестры at the Малый Театр. I’m really excited! The original plan was to get tickets for the ballet but when we saw the prices for that (I admit I was a bit disappointed) we decided on the theatre instead. But, it was a very nice feeling to stand at the ticket office without having any difficulties talking to the old lady selling us the tickets.

It’s been a while since I’ve read the play though so now I have to read it before the weekend, I have a feeling it will be easier to understand what’s going on on the stage if I’m familiar with the story…

I’ve found out when the Lenin Mausoleum is open too so I’m going to try and go and see him soon.

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The Flood

At least it’s never boring to live in Russian dorms. You just never know what’s going to happen next. Last week I didn’t have any water and this week we got more than we asked for.

The tap in the kitchen broke. It was not a sprinkler or anything but a steady leaking of water onto the counter and the floor. We discovered this a little after eleven in the evening and went to tell the caretaker. She wasn’t very sympathetic but made a phone call and said someone would come and fix it. So we thought we had made what we could. Then a little after half past twelve, just before I went to bed I decided to go and take a look in the kitchen. In retrospect I know this was a stupid thing to do, I could have gone to bed and slept, but I just wanted to see how and if they had fixed the problem. Of course they hadn’t. Half the kitchen floor was covered in water and it was spreading. So, two of us went down to the caretaker again. She was still not very helpful. But then again, I don’t think there is much she could have done. So we got back to the kitchen and me and the two of my neighbours who were still up stood and looked at the disaster for a while and tried to use towels wrapped around the tap to have the water go down into the sink and not onto the counter. This helped but was obviously not a solution. We also looked on in fear as the water spread around the two soviet made fridges. One of my neighbours went to the caretaker again and had her come up to see what was going on. Even though we had tried to use words as flood and disaster I don’t think she had realised how bad it was. She looked rather distressed at this point and went after buckets and some sort of spades. And then we spent a lot of time, the caretaker went back to her post by the door after a while, getting the water off of the floor and placing buckets under the places that were dripping. But of course, there was water running on the walls and along electrical wires and so on. Around two in the morning, after having placed a note on the door telling the rest of the floor what had happened, we gave up and went to bed.

This morning around half past ten when I got up I saw a repair guy in the kitchen and now we have a nice new working tap. It’s still a lot of water on the floor though…

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Running out of time

Only 8 min left of Internet time. Have to be quick. Have spent the other hour and 22 min chatting and looking for jobs. I don’t think they are going to need me at my old job anymore so I need to get a new one. Since I don’t have anywhere to stay when I leave Moscow I have to look for apartments too and this takes a lot of time – and is really really boring.

I miss having Internet at home. It’s so annoying having to go to Internetcafes everyother day. I hope all of you who have unlimited Internetaccess have the sense to enjoy it!

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