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I want water in my sauna

I have no tap water in my room anymore. There has been some sort of accident (flood) on some other floor and now I don’t have any water. They said it would come back ”soon”. That was when I asked them yesterday and the water had already been gone for a day or two. I could hear some banging on the pipes this morning but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are fixing anything. So now I have to knock on one of my neighbours door (most other rooms still have water of course) every time I feel like say wash my hands or brush my teeth.

To make it even better they turned the heat on. And as it appears they only have to settings for the heating here: on and off. And on is obviously designed for when it’s -40 outside. Now it’s about +4… My room, or should I perhaps call it my sauna is impossible to sleep in. Lying on top of the covers sweating I can’t sleep. So I open the windows, both of them to get a nice draft. The temperature drops a little but I still don’t feel any need for crawling in under the sheets and now I can’t sleep because of all the noise outside; car alarms, fireworks, stray dogs, and the random garbage truck. It’s nice that they take our trash away but do they have to do it at 2 o’clock in the morning? But I suppose I shouldn’t complain, at least I wasn’t one of the five persons who were stuck in the elevator for an hour yesterday.


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I’ve decided that I’m not going to be a tourist while I’m here. Even if that means that I’ll miss some of the sights I really do think I want to try and just live here. Going to the market can be just as exciting as visiting some famous art museum. In fact even more so. So we’ll see how it goes. Of course I will visit some museums and famous sights around the city but I won’t exhaust myself trying to do and see as much as possible during the weekends.

Igår kväll hade bokhandlarna här redan uppe böcker med en sticker som det stod årets nobelpristagare på. Lite kul, jag trodde inte att de brydde sig så mycket.

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A taste of heaven

I just got the most amazing chocolate at a cafe not far from where I live. Melted dark chocolate in an espresso cup. It was just perfect. It was even cheaper than the worse stuff I get at my usual cafe.

I wonder if they have wireless…

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Drinking hot chocolate at the internetcafé

One very nice thing about living in dorms with a bunch of other foreigners is Italians girls, or more precisely: italian girls who know who to make tiramisu. There were eleven of us in the kitchen last night listening to music from the Godfather (don’t really know why) and eating the most wonderful tiramisu. Perhaps I should ask her to teach me how to do it?

Had a really nice weekend. Finally went to Park Pobedy which I’ve planned to do since I got here and I also bought my kettle. It wasn’t to expensive and, it changes color when the water starts boiling! I’m so happy! Also, my roommate went home to France yesterday so now I have the room all to myself! It was kind of nice to have a roommate but I really hope no one else moves into my room…

So here are some pics from the park…

This is one of the best holocaust memorials I’ve ever seen. (Have you seen the one in Berlin…?)
It was really thoughtful and also beautiful. It was really interesting since the other memorials in the park were mostly big and ugly (most of them dedicated to some branch of the army).

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Back in Moscow. It really felt like coming home, when I walked in to our dorms with my suitcase. Strange. I’ve only been here for a few weeks. But it must mean I like it.

The flight back from Stockholm was fine. We weren’t late and I didn’t have to wait in line at customs at the airport here for more than 15 minutes or so. Finding my taxi driver wasn’t too difficult either. And he was really friendly. Talked and pointed at things we passed and recommended restaurants and asked about were I came from and so on. I think it was one of my first encounters with a Russian who really took the time to talk to me and who would explain again when I didn’t understand everything. It was nice, I was actually capable of having a conversation in Russian! And usually I never talk to taxi drivers… But I think he was disappointed when I said that my parents didn’t drive a Volvo. It helped a little that I said that their Toyota is really big…

I have to do something about my studies. By something I mean anything at all. I haven’t exactly done my homework lately. Or actually I’ve done my homework it’s all the other work I haven’t even looked at. I’m thinking about buying a kettle to keep in my room, and then at least I can’t use making myself a cup of tea as an excuse to go and hang out in the kitchen talking to my neighbours for a few hours. And it is nice to be able to have a cup of tea now and then when I read and look up words in my enormous dictionary. We have a kettle in the kitchen but the others use tap water in that and I don’t like that. I’m sticking to bottle water. Unfortunately that is kind of heavy to carry home from the supermarket (the bottles hold 5 litres…) but I think it’s probably worth it. The water in our room was brownish the other week, and it smells funny too.

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Fortfarande i Sverige…

I’ve had a good time so far. Still a bit strange to be here but I’m glad I came. My friend’s wedding yesterday (the reason why I’m here) was really nice. She was very beautiful and it was a really fun party. I even got to wear my traditional folkcostume! It was not so nice having people staring at me on the way to church though – is it so weird to see a person in an apron and a shawl?

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