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В Швеции

I’m in Sweden! It’s so strange. I was in Moscow for less than three weeks and now I’m back here again. Can hardly believe it. It’s kind of nice though. But difficult too. I’m still on Moscow time… Which means I’m very tired in the evenings and wake up really early. It might be good for me though – it would be difficult to go back and be two hours behind again…

But this being in Sweden with unlimited computeraccess means that I can put some pictures up here. Enjoy!

Seeing this for the first time was absolutely amazing. Standing at the Red Square I could hardly believe my eyes.

But I’ve left the city too. Here is the monastery outsided Zvenigorod. It was such a lovely day and the church and the other buildings were so beautiful.

And yes, I did cover my hair going in to the church…

And for those of you who’ve read ”Master and Margarita”:
this is the Patriarch’s Pond.


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ИКЕА & Звенигород

So, IKEA. It was a lot of fun, we even got to sit at the table next to an orthodox priest in the restaurant! It was a bit more expensive than it is back home though. It was really interesting, back home everyone goes to IKEA, here it wasn’t really rich people there but they were just a little bit better dressed than the average person you see on the metro.

Yesterday me and a few people from my dorm actually left the city! Or I suppose it was still technically suburbs but it was in the country. The train there was very interesting, people were selling stuff (I can understand the magazines, but the umbreallas, bikelocks and razors?) and people weren’t too keen on giving up their seats for older people. But it was really beautiful outside the city, and we had a lot of fun. We managed to get a little lost though… But the sun was shining and we got to walk around a bit and breathe real fresh air. We also visited a local bar (where they greeted as with ”Good Day Tourists”) and a monastery. We also spent some time just sitting in the grass enjoying the warm weather. I think it was one of the best days so far. It was so beautiful and we were probably the only foreigners there. We must have been the main attraction in that town this week… It’s incredible how much cheaper everything is once you leave Moscow though. The meal we had in the pub cost almost nothing, not to mention what we didn’t pay for the taxis when we got tired of walking to the monastery. I’ll try and put some pictures up next week. As some of you know I get to go to visit my family soon… I’m not sure if I’ll have time to write anything then but I’ll see what I can do.

Pa tal om mina forfattarambitioner; veckans Berglin i SVD…

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I’ve been to IKEA! I’m too tired to write anything about it and I don’t have the time either but I’ve really been there. They didn’t have any Marabou Mjolkchoklad so I was a bit disappointed but I still had a really good time. I’ll write more about it another day.

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Staring at things in Moscow

I’ve seen and experienced so many things in the last few days but now when I’m finally sitting in front of a computer I’ve forgotten all of them…

Well, two days ago I saw the red square and the Kremlin for the first time. I could hardly believe I was actually there. It is all so amazing. To see all these things I’ve only ever seen in photographs or on TV is wonderful. I could just walk around and stare at things, in the city or in parks or in the metro. Some of the stations are really beautiful. (I’m going to try to post some photos here soon but I don’t know if it will be possible.) I’m actually a bit afraid to walk around by myself because I stare so much at things, I probably look so completely confused and lost that it is obvious to everyone that I’m a foreigner… But, three times in the first two days I was here people came up to me and asked for directions and I really do think that it means that I fit in here somehow. If I really looked weird and foreign no one would ask me, would they?

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Foreign languages…

It really is dificult for me, writing in english. It takes much more time so I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep it up. Enjoy it while it lasts…

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I’m in Moscow! I really can’t believe I’m actually here. It took me a few days to find a computer with a decent internetconnection but now I can finally blog again!

I don’t know what I should write about first so I’ll just start at the beginning. Everything was fine on the way here, at least until I got of the plane here in Moscow. I had to stand in line for almost two hours at the passport control. I was a bit worried my taxidriver would be tired of waiting for me but I found him alright. Or well, I found the sign he was holding. Then he murmured nice to meet you in Russian, took my suitcase and left. I almost had to run to keep up with him. Then we left the airport, he still didn’t say anything. It was horrible, I’ve never seen this many cars in my entire life. And the traffic… They could make an amusmentparkride called ”Driving in Moscow”, I’ve never experienced anything quite like it and I would never want to drive there myself. I was terrified (jag hade ingen aning om att om man inte far plats med att gora en omkorning pa hoger sida om man kor pa vagrenen sa kan man kora i lervallingen/diket annu langre till hoger) when I wasn’t busy staring at everything I saw through the window. It really is an amazing city but so far I’ve just seen a small part of it. The taxidriver was kind enough to make sure I found the right building before he left me so I didn’t have any problems finding my room. I didn’t know anything about in advance but I have a roommate. A really shy girl from France who seems really nice, she goes to bed early and I don’t think we’ll disturb eachother much. She’s leaving in a month though, and then I might have the room to myself. We all share showers and ”kitchen” in the hall. Most of the others seem really nice and most of them have English or German as a first language. I haven’t spoken much Russian so far but I’ve been complimented on both my English and my German so I’m quite happy anyway. The worst part about our dorm is that we don’t have a washing machine. A woman comes sometimes and changes the sheets and gives us fresh towels but for everything else we’re on our own… Everyone is very friendly and since most of them came last week or earlier they’ve been able to answer a lot of my questions. A friendly guy from Austria had breakfast with me the first morning (blini) and helped me get a SIMcard for my mobile. (I had to take care of that before I did anything else because when you register your visa they take your passport for two weeks and you need a passport to get a phonenumber). Then I managed to register myself at the university.

My classes started today, we’re just about 8 people in my group and I think I’ll learn quite a lot. I was a bit nervous at first but it passed – many of the others are just as bad as me. Or well there are a few students from Asia who are really good at grammar and vocabulary but their pronunciation is so bad no one understands them anyway…

Pa det stora hela gar det alltsa ganska bra har. Vissa saker kommer det nog att ta ett tag att vanja sig vid men sa ar det ju alltid. Den daliga servicen, oformagan att tala nagot annat an ryska och den allmant lagre standarden t.ex. Men Moskva ar en riktigt haftig stad. Imorgon ska jag forsoka ta mig ivag och se roda torget och Kreml. Kanske att jag till och med vagar mig pa att aka tunnelbana sjalv… Stationerna ar otroligt vackra, varda besok i sig.

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Dagen D-6

Jag ska åka på söndag. Försöker upprepa detta för mig själv några gånger varje dag för att jag ska förstå det. Känns helt främmande. Jag larvar mest runt här hos mina föräldrar och ser på tv eller hänger på stan och fikar med kompisar. Väldigt lite praktiskt blir gjort och jag börjar inse att det nog är eftersom jag inte riktigt är varken inställd eller peppad på att åka. Lite jobbigt eftersom jag ju egentligen vill åka. Eller en del av mig vill det i alla fall. Det är den delen som tycker att det här ska bli jättespännande och som igår entusiastiskt letade rätt på adresserna till de tre IKEA-varuhusen i Moskva. En annan del av mig tycker att hela grejen känns otäck och skulle nog bli lättad och glad om det på torsdag visar sig att jag blir nekad visum…

Men jag minns senaste gången jag åkte iväg så här, då var jag inte heller överlycklig (snarare gråtfärdig på flygplatsen…) men det blev ju hur bra som helst. Tror nog att det blir det den här gången också. Måste bara ordna lite med det praktiska och ta reda på var alla officiella ställen som jag måste besöka nästa vecka ligger.

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